How do I prep for my appointment?

In preparation for your ALL eyelash extension services, Please arrive with clean lashes, free of all makeup and makeup residue. For your convenience, an oil free foaming lash cleanser will be available for use at the location. Having clean Oil-Free lashes will allow the adhesive to properly bond to the natural lash which will result in better retention.

How do I care for my lash extension?

it is crucial to wash your lashes daily. Why? In addition to makeup and facial products (creams, serums, moisturizers etc), Our bodies naturally produce oil and sweat which may break down the adhesive. Washing daily with an oil free lash cleanser helps with retention. It is also important to keep them clean to avoid build up around the extensions that may become a breeding ground for bacteria which can potentially lead to blepharitis or eye infection/irritations. ( eyelash extensions do not cause build up or infections, improper hygiene does)

-Avoid touching them as oil and debris can be transferred to the lash extensions.

-Sleep on your back , you may also wear a concaved sleep mask to help protect them when you are sleeping (available for purchase)

-Oil based products will break down the adhesive which will compromise the adhesive. it is best to avoid the eye area.

Can I be allergic?

Reactions to lash extensions are rare and can show up in different forms. ... when an allergic reaction occurs, it is most often because clients are allergic to cyanoacrylate - It is the base ingredient that is found in all lash adhesives. (it may also be from the carbon black pigment, in which case, we may try a clear adhesive).

Clients who develop an allergic reaction to their eyelash extension adhesives will typically experience swelling and itching of the eyelids. These usually show up within the first 3 days (72 hours) of completion of a lash service. Reactions to lash extensions are rarely reactions to the lashes themselves, but the fumes the adhesive gives off as it is curing.

you may take a benadryl to help relieve the symptoms.

Will eyelash extensions damage my natural lash?

No, eyelash extensions do not damage natural lashes if it is applied safely and properly by a trained professional.

What is eyelash shedding?

Our bodies are constantly shedding our natural lashes. We shed 2-5 lashes daily. Natural lashes must shed in order for new lashes to grow. just like the hairs on our heads, the growth of our nails, to the skin that we have. Extensions do not cause natural lashes to shed, it just so happens that your natural lashes are in a cycle with an extension attached. our lashes takes about 6-8 weeks for a full cycle. Each individual lash is on its own cycle and grow at a different rate. No set of natural lashes will ever shed the same.

we go through a few different kinds of lash shedding:

daily shed- we shed 2-5 lashes

cycle shed- mass shedding every 6-8 weeks

seasonal shed- mass shedding every spring and fall

How to book fill appointments:

fills are necessary in order to MAINTAIN every set of eyelash extensions. Things to consider when booking fills-

which appointment are you booking for?

—how long are the services for?

—Are you coming in within the recommended time frame?

—how spares are you when you come in?

—what is your desired fullness?

it is important to consider those factors as results will vary. I highly encourage to book based on the recommended time frame as it allows us to work together to MAINTAIN a desired look and fullness each time

For classic lash extensions 60 min fills are recommended every 2-3 weeks. A 90 min appointment is also available and it is recommended that you book a 90 min after every couple 60 mins appointment. (Volume and hybrid service times are longer but will require fills within the same 2-3 week time frame)

since A standard classic full set is about 2 hours in time, At about a 2-3 week mark, clients are at about a 50% retention- that's where the 60 min would be adequate (60 min is half the time of a full set) . But even at 2-3 weeks, Sometimes a 90 min appointment is recommended in the event that we go through a shed. 

———-For ex. The ideal recommended scheduling is below (For Classic sets and fills)

(With proper care/ maintenance and shedding) 

-We start with a full set (90-100% coverage)

-50% 2-3 weeks later , A 60 min fill gets you back to full

 -50% 2-3 weeks later, A 60 min Fill gets you back to full (2nd fill)

-30 % retention 2-3 weeks later (shedding) , A 90 min Fill get you back to full

When retention gets down to a 20% (4-5 weeks from previous appointment ) a full set is recommended.

What is A lift and Tint?

Lash lifts are a perm for your natural lashes, It is lifted with a solution. it is often paired with a lash tint to darken the lashes. This service lasts up to 6-8 weeks depending on how your natural lashes grow. New lashes will grow and the permed lashes will eventually shed.


New client deposits

Deposits are required to secure all new client appointments. it will be a one time fee and the amount will be deducted from the total service cost.

New client fills

if you currently have extensions on from another artist, A consultation is required to assess if the work is clean/ healthy enough for a fill. If it is, we will move forward with the appropriate fill appointment. However, In the event that it is not a Healthy or clean work (too much glue, lashes not properly applied, lashes that are too long/ heavy for natural lashes etc) a removal and a new set at full price will be necessary to ensure the health and quality of your natural lashes. Please contact me so we can discuss options.

Please arrive 10 mins early to fill out new client forms and to ensure enough time for the service. (arriving late may compromise the fullness/ quality of the lashes since All services are reserved time slots within that specific window. )

Please be aware that all appointments are reserved time slots.

  • If you are running late, We will do the best we can in the remaining time we have left (appointment time slots are usually reserved back to back)

  • If you are unable to make the appointment, please provide a 24 hour courtesy notice

  • Late cancel will be charged a fee of 50% of the service cost

  • NO SHOWs will be charged a fee of 100% of the service cost

It is important to contact me ASAP if you need to cancel at the 24 hour mark so i can offer the time slot to someone else. If the slot gets filled, fees will be waived. Please be mindful as time is valuable for me, as it is for you.