FEMME ARTISTRY specializes in eyelash enhancement services for every occasion. Each service is carefully tailored to achieve a look that is suitable for every individual. It is a form of Artistry that involves specific attention to detail to accentuate the eyes.

—Born and raised in Worcester Massachusetts, Lily started her journey in the beauty industry at the age of 16. She quickly realized the value of helping others feel confident about themselves. In 2013, lily obtained her Esthtician license and dove into the lashing industry.

Lily is a Licensed Esthetician in the states of California, Washington, and Oregon

She is a triple certified (classic & Volume) lash artist including Advanced Artistry certification with Lux Uncut.

One of her favorite things about lashing is that it’s a self love kind of therapy.

Our eyes are the first things people see, why not accentuate them? they are the ‘windows to your soul’ AND ‘the reflection of your spirit’

I get to be the reason why someone feels that much more confident . The most rewarding part of lashing is taking part in something that made someone smile.

In addition to that, during the duration of the appointment, we disconnect from the world and it becomes therapeutic. Sometimes napping is involved or we chat about things that matter to us, like love, family, and things we are going through. We share laughter sometimes even tears. It’s not often we get to build such unique relationships with one another, and when I get to be a part of that- my heart feels full

-Lily N. Owner


"Lashing is a form of art that truly embraces femninity"

-Femme Artistry